New Format for Winter/Spring 2011 Season

The format for the upcoming Winter/Spring 2011 Men’s League will be different than previous seasons.  The regular season will run for 13 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of playoffs.

The regular season is broken into 2 parts.  The first part of the season consists of a round robin (7 weeks), after which teams will be split into two groups based on results.  Group A (Top 4 teams) and Group B (Bottom 4 teams).   For the second part of the season, each team will play the other teams within it’s group twice more.  (6 weeks).

Playoffs:  All 4 teams on Group A are in the playoffs along with the top 2 teams from Group B.  Teams will be ranked 1-6.  Wildcard and Semifinal matches will be played on the first week of playoffs.  Final will be played the following week.

Wildcard matches:  Teams 3 v 6 and Teams 4 v 5.

Semifinal matches:  Team 1 vs winner of 4 v 5.  Team 2 vs winner of 3 v 6.

Final match:  Semifinal winners

3 comments to New Format for Winter/Spring 2011 Season

  • Tim Hunt

    Hi Raf,

    I’m still sidelined with the shoulder injury. Four months of physical therapy haven’t helped much. Surgery might be in my future 🙁

    But I’m curious, is there a concern that the level of play has gotten pretty uneven?

    If that’s the case, splitting for the second half sounds like it will help. I do wonder, though if the 5th team might be closer to the upper half than they are to the bottom teams, so the second half of the season might not be great for them. I guess there’s no perfect solution. I can’t think of a better one! Good luck with it.

    I hope you’re well!


  • Tim Hunt

    Okay, I just looked at the Fall season results (should have done that first!). There does appear to be a division between the top 4 and the bottom 4.

  • Rafael Innis

    Sorry to hear the shoulder is not responding to therapy as well as expected. Hope surgery is not needed and we can see you back on the court soon.

    The new season format is something we have been considering for a few seasons and we’ll try it out this Winter/Spring. It should make the matches more even throughout and more enjoyable for all involved.


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