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Tips on how to setup the gym

Princeton Day School

Setting up and cleaning up the gym

  • Equipment
    • 2 sets of 2 poles
    • 2 nets complete with antennas
    • 1 crank
  • Poles  (Be careful, they're heavy)
    • There are 2 types of poles
      • With crank
        • Setup in the middle of the gym
        • Cranks facing away from the court
      • Without crank
        • Setup at the ends of the gym
    • The height should be set at 43 (there is a significant color change at that point)
    • A bar should be slid through the pole to ensure that the pole doesn't slide down
  • Nets
    • The nets should be setup with the antennas pointing straight upwards and over the sidelines
    • The end that is relatively straight and has a large teardrop hook goes onto the pole without the the crank
    • The other end that is really straggly goes into the crank.
    • The bottom cord should be looped around the pole to provide horizontal tension.  It should not pull the top cord downwards
      • There is a latch that hooks onto a slider
      • Pull the cord through slider to provide tension
    • There are 3 cords to provide tension to the net itself
      • Tie each of these cords to the poles
      • Just enough tension to keep the net tight and the antennas straight
  • Closet
    • There is a wooden holder on the floor where the poles go, against the near wall
    • Place the nets in an organized, folded manner on the mats inside of the closet


Please remember that we are renting from Princeton Day School.  If for some reason the gym is left a mess, or the equipment is damaged, then it is entirely possible that they will not let us use their gym in the future.