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Wall of Champions

GPVA History


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Monday B.5 - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2018 Monday B.5Coed Top FlightAlpha Force
2018 Winter/Spring 2018Coed Top FlightAttack Pack
2016 Fall 2016Coed The ForceAttack Pack
2014 Winter/SpringCoed Attack Pack SWAG
2013 Fall 2013Coed Attack PackCogito Ergo Boom
2013 Winter/Spring 2013Coed Cogito Ergo BoomAttack Pack
2012 Fall 2012Coed Attack PackCogito Ergo Boom
2012 Winter/SpringCoed Boom Boom POW!!Attack Pack
2011 FallCoed Pass or FailBoom Boom POW!!
2011 Winter/SpringCoed Boom Boom POW!!Cogito Ergo Boom
2010 FallCoed BootyliciousBoom Boom POW!!
2010 Winter/SpringCoed BootyliciousCogito Ergo Boom
2009 FallCoed Boom Boom POW!!Bootylicious
2009 Winter/SpringCoed Safe SetsStacked Block
2008 FallCoed BootyliciousMisfires
2008 Winter/SpringCoed BootyliciousStacked Block
2007 FallCoed BootyliciousCogito Ergo Boom
2007 Winter/SpringCoed Stacked BlockCogito Ergo Boom
2006 FallCoed Stacked BlockBootylicious

Monday B - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2018 Fall B LeagueCoed Guardians of the Galaxy2 Legit 2 Quit
2018 Winter/SpringCoed Hammer TimeGuardians of the Galaxy
2017 Fall Monday BCoed Pass or FailGuardians of the Galaxy
2016 Fall 2016Coed Hit and MissXtream
2016 Winter/Spring 2016Coed XtreamGuardians of the Galaxy
2014 Winter/SpringCoed QueretaroChinese Plainsboro Team
2013 Fall 2013Coed 100 ProofXtream
2013 Winter/Spring 2013Coed Chinese Plainsboro TeamSWAG
2012 Fall 2012Coed 100 ProofQueretaro
2012 Winter/SpringCoed 100 ProofPlainsboro Chinese School
2011 FallCoed Drunken Monks100 proof
2011 Winter /SpringCoed 100 ProofPlainsboro Chinese School
2010 FallCoed Steel Curtain100 Proof
2010 Winter/SpringCoed Steel CurtainPass or Fail
2009 FallCoed Zach Barnes’ AllstarsSteel Curtain
2009 Winter/SpringCoed Steel CurtainBump & Grind
2008 FallCoed Safe SetsSteel Curtain
2008 Winter/SpringCoed Steel CurtainOutsiders
2007 FallCoed OutsidersPlainsboro Chinese School
2007 Winter/SpringCoed MisfiresNothing But Net
2006 FallCoed OutsidersPlainsboro Chinese School

Tuesday A/BB - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2017 winter/springMen's Jinga BerimbauGFY
2017 winter/springMen's BrawlersSets on the Beach
2016 Fall 2016Men's Jinga BerimbauBrawlers

Tuesday BB - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2018 FallWomen's Spiked PunchChaos
2018 Winter/SpringWomen's Spiked PunchChaos
2017 FallWomen's V ChicksSpiked Punch
2017 Winter/SpringWomen's ChaosSpiked Punch
2016 Winter/SpringWomen's
2015 FallWomen's Chaos Spiked Punch
2014 FallWomen's ChaosSpiked Punch
2014 Winter/SpringWomen's ChaosSpiked Punch
2013 Winter/Spring 2013Women's ChaosSpiked Punch
2011 FallWomen's Spiked PunchThat's Hot
2011 Winter/SpringWomen's ChaosThat's Hot
2010 FallWomen's That's HotChaos
2010 Winter/SpringWomen's TortillaThat's Hot
2009 FallWomen's That's HotTortilla
2009 Winter/SpringWomen's TortillaThat's Hot
2008 FallWomen's That's HotChaos
2008 Winter/SpringWomen's That's HotChaos
2007 FallWomen's TortillaChaos
2007 Winter/SpringWomen's ChaosTortilla

Wednesday B - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2018 FallCoed VortexSandlot
2018 Winter/SpringCoed Koki EntoriHit and Miss
2017 FallCoed Superior CourtHit and Miss
2017 Winter/SpringCoed Superior CourtSandlot
2016 Fall 2016Coed Superior CourtKoki Entori
2016 SpringCoed SandlotKoki Entori
2015 FallCoed Banana PancakesSandlot
2015 Winter/SpringCoed Banana PancakesSuperior Court
2014 Wed B 2014 FallCoed Superior CourtBanana Pancakes
2014 Winter/springCoed SandlotDig This
2013 Fall 2013Coed SandlotSuperior Court
2013 Winter/spring 2013Coed Superior CourtSandlot
2012 Fall 2012Coed Superior CourtSandlot
2012 Winter/SpringCoed JackwagonsVolley Rockers
2011 FallCoed Volley RockersJackwagons
2011 Winter/SpringCoed Volley RockersJackwagons
2010 FallCoed Hills TopJackwagons
2010 Winter/SpringCoed SandlotPolarity
2009 FallCoed PolaritySandlot
2009 Winter/SpringCoed PolaritySuperior Court
2008 FallCoed PolaritySuperior Court
2008 Winter/SpringCoed SandlotSuperior Court
2007 FallCoed SandlotSuperior Court
2007 Winter/SpringCoed SandlotSetting Ducks
2006 FallCoed Setting DucksQuiznos 33

Thursday A/BB - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2016 SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2015 FallMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2012 FallMen's Y-Not!Jinga Berimbau
2012 Winter/SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!

Thursday BB - League
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Season Division Champion Runner-Up
2014 FallMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2014 Winter/SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2013 FallMen's Y-Not!Jinga Berimbau
2013 Winter/SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauSWAG
2011 FallMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2011 Winter/SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2010 FallMen's Y-Not!Jinga Berimbau
2010 Winter/SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2009 FallMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2009 Winter/SpringMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2008 FallMen's Jinga BerimbauY-Not!
2008 Winter/SpringMen's Megaroo'sJinga Berimbau
2007 FallMen's Jinga BerimbauAlchemists
2007 Winter/SpringCoed NOTORIOUS D.I.G.Alchemists
2006 FallCoed Megaroo'sNOTORIOUS D.I.G.