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Bala Bathula

Participation History

Leagues Played
Year Season Night Level Type Team Result
2020Winter/SpringWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss  
2019FallMondayB.5Co-EdHit or Miss4th Place
2019FallWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss 4th Place
2019Winter/SpringWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss 7th Place
2018Monday B.5MondayB.5Co-EdHit or Miss5th Place
2018FallWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss 4th Place
2018Winter/Spring 2018MondayB.5Co-EdHit and Miss6th Place
2018Winter/SpringWednesdayBCo-EdHit and MissRunner Up
2017Fall Monday B.5MondayB.5Co-EdHit and Miss 
2017FallWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss Runner Up
2017Winter/Spring 2017MondayB.5Co-EdHit and Miss 
2017Winter/SpringWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss 3rd Place
2016Fall 2016MondayBCo-EdHit and Miss*Champion*
2016Fall 2016WednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss 4th Place
2016Winter/Spring 2016MondayBCo-EdHit and Miss3rd Place
2016SpringWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss6th Place
2015FallMondayBCo-EdHit and Miss 
2015FallWednesdayBCo-EdHit and Miss6th Place
2015Winter/SpringWednesdayBCo-EdShenanigans7th Place
2014Wed B 2014 FallWednesdayBCo-EdShenanigans7th Place
2014Winter/springWednesdayBCo-EdShenanigans3rd Place
2013Fall 2013MondayB.5Co-EdSWAG6th Place
2013Fall 2013WednesdayBCo-EdShenanigans4th Place
2013FallThursdayBBMen'sShenanigans6th Place

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