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League Results


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Winter/Spring Schedule - Playoffs
Date Time Court Teams Referee Match Type Score Sheets
Playoff schedule is unavailable for this league

Winter/Spring Cumulative Team Statistics Per Week
Team Date Opponent W L P PF PA
The ForceFeb 05Pass or Fail (19-25,23-25,19-25,14-25)04075100
Feb 12Hit and Miss (23-25,25-16,21-25,25-27)170169193
Feb 26Top Flight (10-25,20-25,25-27,10-25)1110234295
Mar 05Attack Pack (15-25,23-25,26-24,21-25)2140319394
Mar 26Cogito Ergo Boom (17-25,25-19,25-21,25-8)5150411467
Apr 09Hit and Miss (25-13,25-14,25-12,25-17)9150511523
Cogito Ergo BoomFeb 05Hit and Miss (25-18,25-22,16-25,25-21)3109186
Feb 12Attack Pack (22-25,22-25,25-15,25-27)440185178
Feb 26Pass or Fail (19-25,14-25,25-9,25-11)660268248
Mar 05Top Flight (19-25,18-25,10-25,13-25)6100328348
Mar 26The Force (25-17,19-25,21-25,8-25)7130401440
Apr 09Attack Pack (25-17,26-28,17-25,25-20)9150494530
Hit and MissFeb 05Cogito Ergo Boom (18-25,22-25,25-16,21-25)1308691
Feb 12The Force (25-23,16-25,25-21,27-25)440179185
Feb 26Attack Pack (25-20,21-25,20-25,17-25)570262280
Mar 05Pass or Fail (25-21,16-25,27-25,22-25)790352376
Mar 26Top Flight (18-25,16-25,18-25,14-25)7130418476
Apr 09The Force (13-25,14-25,12-25,17-25)7170474576
Top FlightFeb 05Attack Pack (25-22,25-23,25-14,25-9)40010068
Feb 12Pass or Fail (25-11,25-13,25-20,25-17)800200129
Feb 26The Force (25-10,25-20,27-25,25-10)1200302194
Mar 05Cogito Ergo Boom (25-19,25-18,25-10,25-13)1600402254
Mar 26Hit and Miss (25-18,25-16,25-18,25-14)2000502320
Apr 09Pass or Fail (25-18,25-21,25-16,25-18)2400602393
Attack PackFeb 05Top Flight (22-25,23-25,14-25,9-25)04068100
Feb 12Cogito Ergo Boom (25-22,25-22,15-25,27-25)350160194
Feb 26Hit and Miss (20-25,25-21,25-20,25-17)660255277
Mar 05The Force (25-15,25-23,24-26,25-21)974354362
Mar 26Pass or Fail (25-19,25-20,21-25,20-25)1194445451
Apr 09Cogito Ergo Boom (17-25,28-26,25-17,20-25)13114535544
Pass or FailFeb 05The Force (25-19,25-23,25-19,25-14)40010075
Feb 12Top Flight (11-25,13-25,20-25,17-25)440161175
Feb 26Cogito Ergo Boom (25-19,25-14,9-25,11-25)660231258
Mar 05Hit and Miss (21-25,25-16,25-27,25-22)880327348
Mar 26Attack Pack (19-25,20-25,25-21,25-20)10100416439
Apr 09Top Flight (18-25,21-25,16-25,18-25)10140489539