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League Results



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Winter/Spring Schedule - Playoffs
Date Time Court Teams Referee Match Type Score Sheets
Playoff schedule is unavailable for this league

Winter/Spring Cumulative Team Statistics Per Week
Team Date Opponent W L P PF PA
Hammer TimeFeb 12100 Proof (16-25,25-18,22-25,25-20)2208888
Feb 26Princeton Volleywood (25-11,25-19,25-15,23-25)530186158
Apr 09100 Proof (23-25,25-22,25-18,25-22)840284245
Chinese Plainsboro TeamFeb 12Guardians of the Galaxy (12-25,17-25,25-16,25-19)2207985
Mar 05Princeton Volleywood (25-14,15-25,25-15,20-25)440164164
Apr 09Guardians of the Galaxy (15-25,19-25,20-25,16-25)480234264
100 ProofFeb 12Hammer Time (25-16,18-25,25-22,20-25)2208888
Feb 26Guardians of the Galaxy (23-25,23-25,25-20,25-19)440184177
Mar 26Princeton Volleywood (26-24,25-22,25-18,19-25)750279266
Apr 09Hammer Time (25-23,22-25,18-25,22-25)880366364
Princeton VolleywoodFeb 05Guardians of the Galaxy (22-25,9-25,20-25,14-25)04065100
Feb 26Hammer Time (11-25,19-25,15-25,25-23)170135198
Mar 05Chinese Plainsboro Team (14-25,25-15,15-25,25-20)390214283
Mar 26100 Proof (24-26,22-25,18-25,25-19)4120303378
Guardians of the GalaxyFeb 05Princeton Volleywood (25-22,25-9,25-20,25-14)40010065
Feb 12Chinese Plainsboro Team (25-12,25-17,16-25,19-25)620185144
Feb 26100 Proof (25-23,25-23,20-25,19-25)840274240
Apr 09Chinese Plainsboro Team (25-15,25-19,25-20,25-16)1240374310