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League Results



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   Top Flight  
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     Top Flight
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Winter/Spring 2019 Schedule - Playoffs
Date Time Court Teams Referee Match Type Score Sheets
May 2007:00 PM-08:30 PM1Top Flight[1]
Pass or Fail[4]
Cogito Ergo Boom[5]
8th Place Team
08:00 PM-08:45 PM1Attack Pack[2]
Alpha Force[3]
Hit or Miss[6]
Top Flight[1]
Jun 0307:30 PM-09:00 PM1Top Flight
Attack Pack
Pass or Fail
Alpha Force

Winter/Spring 2019 Cumulative Team Statistics Per Week
Team Date Opponent W L P PF PA
Cogito Ergo BoomJan 14Top Flight (13-25,17-25,14-25,14-25)04058100
Jan 28Pass or Fail (25-22,24-26,18-25,17-25)170142198
Feb 04Attack Pack (17-25,20-25,16-25,24-26)1110219299
Feb 11Hit or Miss (27-25,25-17,20-25,23-25)3131314391
Mar 25Pass or Fail (24-26,25-14,25-18,25-18)6141413467
Apr 08Hit or Miss (20-25,25-23,25-21,29-28)9151512564
Apr 15Alpha Force (23-25,25-17,12-25,25-19)11171597650
Apr 29Alpha Force (16-25,26-24,25-18,19-25)13191683742
May 06Top Flight (12-25,7-25,10-25,9-25)13231721842
May 13Attack Pack (25-20,14-25,15-25,22-25)14261797937
Hit or MissJan 14Alpha Force (20-25,17-25,22-25,19-25)04078100
Jan 28Top Flight (10-25,10-25,14-25,12-25)080124200
Feb 04Pass or Fail (25-22,22-25,26-24,21-25)2100218296
Feb 11Cogito Ergo Boom (25-27,17-25,25-20,25-23)4121310391
Mar 25Top Flight (9-25,16-25,19-25,13-25)4161367491
Apr 08Cogito Ergo Boom (25-20,23-25,21-25,28-29)5191464590
Apr 15Attack Pack (16-25,27-25,25-22,21-25)7211553687
Apr 29Attack Pack (13-25,18-25,18-25,22-25)7251624787
May 06Alpha Force (25-10,25-20,18-25,19-25)9271711867
May 13Pass or Fail (22-25,25-16,25-11,25-18)12281808937
Alpha ForceJan 14Hit or Miss (25-20,25-17,25-22,25-19)40010078
Jan 28Attack Pack (15-25,25-19,25-21,28-26)710193169
Feb 04Top Flight (15-25,12-25,10-25,12-25)750242269
Feb 11Pass or Fail (22-25,21-25,20-25,19-25)790324369
Mar 25Attack Pack (14-25,14-25,16-25,13-25)7130381469
Apr 08Pass or Fail (25-18,25-22,22-25,25-18)10140478552
Apr 15Cogito Ergo Boom (25-23,17-25,25-12,19-25)12160564637
Apr 29Cogito Ergo Boom (25-16,24-26,18-25,25-19)14180656723
May 06Hit or Miss (10-25,20-25,25-18,25-19)16200736810
May 13Top Flight (20-25,13-25,19-25,12-25)16240800910
Pass or FailJan 14Attack Pack (25-19,25-20,25-15,25-22)40010076
Jan 28Cogito Ergo Boom (22-25,26-24,25-18,25-17)710198160
Feb 04Hit or Miss (22-25,25-22,24-26,25-21)930294254
Feb 11Alpha Force (25-22,25-21,25-20,25-19)1330394336
Mar 25Cogito Ergo Boom (26-24,14-25,18-25,18-25)1460470435
Apr 08Alpha Force (18-25,22-25,25-22,18-25)1590553532
Apr 15Top Flight (7-25,5-25,16-25,16-25)15130597632
Apr 29Top Flight (8-25,6-25,10-25,11-25)15170632732
May 06Attack Pack (10-25,14-25,14-25,17-25)15210687832
May 13Hit or Miss (25-22,16-25,11-25,18-25)16240757929
Attack PackJan 14Pass or Fail (19-25,20-25,15-25,22-25)04076100
Jan 28Alpha Force (25-15,19-25,21-25,26-28)170167193
Feb 04Cogito Ergo Boom (25-17,25-20,25-16,26-24)570268270
Feb 11Top Flight (14-25,23-25,13-25,13-25)5111331370
Mar 25Alpha Force (25-14,25-14,25-16,25-13)9111431427
Apr 08Top Flight (17-25,25-21,18-25,16-25)10141507523
Apr 15Hit or Miss (25-16,25-27,22-25,25-21)12161604612
Apr 29Hit or Miss (25-13,25-18,25-18,25-22)16161704683
May 06Pass or Fail (25-10,25-14,25-14,25-17)20161804738
May 13Cogito Ergo Boom (20-25,25-14,25-15,25-22)23171899814
Top FlightJan 14Cogito Ergo Boom (25-13,25-17,25-14,25-14)40010058
Jan 28Hit or Miss (25-10,25-10,25-14,25-12)800200104
Feb 04Alpha Force (25-15,25-12,25-10,25-12)1200300153
Feb 11Attack Pack (25-14,25-23,25-13,25-13)1600400216
Mar 25Hit or Miss (25-9,25-16,25-19,25-13)2000500273
Apr 08Attack Pack (25-17,21-25,25-18,25-16)2310596349
Apr 15Pass or Fail (25-7,25-5,25-16,25-16)2710696393
Apr 29Pass or Fail (25-8,25-6,25-10,25-11)3110796428
May 06Cogito Ergo Boom (25-12,25-7,25-10,25-9)3510896466
May 13Alpha Force (25-20,25-13,25-19,25-12)3910996530