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League Results



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Monday B Schedule - Playoffs
Date Time Court Teams Referee Match Type Score Sheets
Playoff schedule is unavailable for this league

Monday B Cumulative Team Statistics Per Week
Team Date Opponent W L P PF PA
Superior CourtJan 1312 Bad Knees (25-19,21-25,25-20,22-25)2209389
Jan 27Spike-tegic Research Insights (25-6,25-5,25-10,25-11)620193121
Feb 10Destroy Story (25-17,25-9,25-18,20-25)930288190
Feb 24Set It and Forget It (25-21,25-20,22-25,20-25)1150380281
Mar 02Guardians of the Galaxy (25-22,21-25,21-25,25-18)1370472371
12 Bad KneesJan 13Superior Court (19-25,25-21,20-25,25-22)2208993
Jan 27Guardians of the Galaxy (22-25,17-25,21-25,26-28)260175196
Feb 10Spike-tegic Research Insights (25-6,25-11,25-11,25-9)660275233
Feb 24Destroy Story (25-16,17-25,25-16,25-19)970367309
Mar 02Set It and Forget It (21-25,22-25,25-22,25-23)1190460404
Spike-tegic Research InsightsJan 13Set It and Forget It (14-25,6-25,3-25,3-25)04026100
Jan 27Superior Court (6-25,5-25,10-25,11-25)08058200
Feb 1012 Bad Knees (6-25,11-25,11-25,9-25)012095300
Feb 24Guardians of the Galaxy (6-25,8-25,6-25,12-25)0160127400
Mar 02Destroy Story (11-25,12-25,25-22,8-25)1190183497
Guardians of the GalaxyJan 13Destroy Story (25-14,25-11,25-12,25-20)40010057
Jan 2712 Bad Knees (25-22,25-17,25-21,28-26)800203143
Feb 10Set It and Forget It (25-23,25-15,25-7,25-17)1200303205
Feb 24Spike-tegic Research Insights (25-6,25-8,25-6,25-12)1600403237
Mar 02Superior Court (22-25,25-21,25-21,18-25)1820493329
Destroy StoryJan 13Guardians of the Galaxy (14-25,11-25,12-25,20-25)04057100
Jan 27Set It and Forget It (14-25,19-25,22-25,22-25)080134200
Feb 10Superior Court (17-25,9-25,18-25,25-20)1110203295
Feb 2412 Bad Knees (16-25,25-17,16-25,19-25)2140279387
Mar 02Spike-tegic Research Insights (25-11,25-12,22-25,25-8)5150376443
Set It and Forget ItJan 13Spike-tegic Research Insights (25-14,25-6,25-3,25-3)40010026
Jan 27Destroy Story (25-14,25-19,25-22,25-22)800200103
Feb 10Guardians of the Galaxy (23-25,15-25,7-25,17-25)840262203
Feb 24Superior Court (21-25,20-25,25-22,25-20)1060353295
Mar 0212 Bad Knees (25-21,25-22,22-25,23-25)1280448388