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Scared Hitless

Wed B

Team Summary

Captain:  Joe Lin

Rank: 4

Record: 13-15

Penalties: 0

Percentage: 0.4643

Points For: 622

Points Against: 632

Next Match

Wed, Nov 28 at 7:00pm vs Sandlot on PDS court 2

Team Referee Schedule
Referee Schedule
N/A - Paid referees

Team Results

Schedule & Results
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Date Time Court Opponent Referee
Sep 12 07:00-08:30pm2Hit and Miss (15-25,24-26,25-21,25-22)Paid Refs
Sep 26 08:45-10:15pm2Miercoles Team (26-24,25-12,25-17,25-17)Paid Refs
Oct 03 07:00-08:30pm2Chicken Wings and Pancakes (25-23,21-25,25-20,19-25)Paid Refs
Oct 10 07:00-08:30pm2Superior Court (23-25,18-25,25-23,23-25)Paid Refs
Oct 17 08:45-10:15pm1Sandlot (16-25,20-25,25-15,25-23)Paid Refs
Nov 07 08:45-10:15pm1Koki Entori (21-25,25-23,23-25,15-25)Paid Refs
Nov 14 07:00-08:30pm2Vortex (25-16,22-25,15-25,21-25)Paid Refs
Nov 28 07:00-08:30pm2Sandlot Paid Refs

Head to Head Record
vs. Opponent Wins Losses
Hit and Miss 22
Miercoles Team40
Chicken Wings and Pancakes 22
Superior Court13
Sandlot 22
Koki Entori 13

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