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Final Boss

Monday B.5

Team Summary

Captain:  Sam Knutson

Final Rank: Runner Up

Rank: 3

Record: 20-20

Penalties: 0

Percentage: 0.5000

Points For: 868

Points Against: 881

Next Match


Team Referee Schedule
Referee Schedule
Sep 097:00pm-8:30pm3
Ref #1: Anthony Chiavarone
Ref #2:
Sep 238:45pm-10:15pm2
Ref #1: Sam Knutson
Ref #2:
Oct 148:45pm-10:15pm2
Ref #1: Sam Knutson
Ref #2:
Nov 047:00pm-8:30pm2
Ref #1: Mitch Bushuk
Ref #2:
Nov 187:00pm-8:30pm3
Ref #1: Steven Luck
Ref #2:

Team Results

Schedule & Results
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Date Time Court Opponent Referee
Sep 09 08:45-10:15pm2Top Flight (14-25,12-25,8-25,20-25)Cogito Ergo Boom
Sep 16 07:00-08:30pm2Alpha Force (25-21,25-13,25-20,20-25)Top Flight
Sep 23 07:00-08:30pm3Cogito Ergo Boom (26-24,20-25,20-25,23-25)Hit or Miss
Oct 07 07:00-08:30pm2Pass or Fail (25-13,25-19,25-21,25-23)Hit or Miss
Oct 14 07:00-08:30pm3Hit or Miss (25-14,25-23,25-16,25-14)Pass or Fail
Oct 21 07:00-08:30pm3Top Flight (16-25,13-25,9-25,20-25)Pass or Fail
Oct 28 07:00-08:30pm2Alpha Force (23-25,25-17,13-25,28-29)Pass or Fail
Nov 04 08:45-10:15pm2Cogito Ergo Boom (25-10,23-25,21-25,25-21)Alpha Force
Nov 11 07:00-08:30pm2Pass or Fail (18-25,23-25,25-23,25-23)Alpha Force
Nov 18 08:45-10:15pm2Hit or Miss (25-17,25-23,25-22,23-25)Pass or Fail
Nov 25 08:45-10:15pm2 ** Semifinal **
Cogito Ergo Boom (25-17,25-19,25-23)
Pass or Fail
Dec 05 08:00-08:45pm1 ** Final **
Top Flight (14-25,18-25,25-20,16-25)
Hit or Miss
Cogito Ergo Boom

Head to Head Record
vs. Opponent Wins Losses
Top Flight111
Alpha Force44
Cogito Ergo Boom65
Pass or Fail62
Hit or Miss71

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